• = Mild
  • = Medium
  • = Spicy
  • = Very Spicy
Flaska Glas


  • 1. Masala Papadom 47:-

    Crispy lentil bread covered with tomato, coriander and onion hash. Served with mint sauce.

  • 2. Veg Samosas / Lamb Samosas 62:-/67:-

    Home-made vegetarian/lamb pastries stuffed with potatoes, green peas and masala. Served with mint sauce and tamarind chutney.Vegetarian / lamb pasties. Served with chutney.

  • 3. Veg Pakora / Chicken Pakora/Shrimp Pakora 59:-/69:-/79:-

    Deep fried vegtables / chicken / shrimps. Served with chutney.

  • 4. Tawa Jhinga 79:-

    Tiger prawns sauted with onion, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander. Served with onion and tomato relish.

  • 5. Papadom 27:-

    Crispy lentil bread. Served with mint sauce.

  • Chef's Recommended 69:-

    Potatoes and chickpeas seasoned with coriander. Served with chutney.

  • = Mild
  • = Medium
  • = Spicy
  • = Very Spicy
Flaska Glas


  • Chef´s Recommended. Palak Chana Masala 124:-

    Spinach with chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, garam masala, chili and ginger.

  • 16. Subzi Thali 125:-

    Chef´s choice of vegetarian curry. Served with dal and raita.

  • 17. Palak Paneer 129:-

    Homemade Indian cream cheese tempered with creamed spinach, paprika, ginger, garlic and chilli.

  • 18. Aloo Ghobi Masala 119:-

    Potato and cauliflower curry with onions and tomatomasala, flavored with fresh ginger.

  • 19. Malai Kofta 135:-

    Homemade vegetable balls with Indian cream cheese and nuts in creamy cardamom and saffron sauce.

  • 20. Veg Makhani 127:-

    Mix vegetables with Indian cream cheese, cardamom and coriander.

  • 21. Mutter Paneer 132:-

    Green peas and Indian cream cheese with creamy sauce of fenugreek leaves and fresh coriander.

  • 22. Paneer Jodhpuri 129:-

    Homemade Indian cheese in a mild sauce of cashew cream, garnished with papadom flakes.

  • 23. Pudina Chana Masala 121:-

    Chickpeas with mint curry sauce, garnished with deep fried onions.

  • 24. Dal 112:-

    Flambeed lentils with traditional spices and coriander.

  • 25. Paneer Kadhai 129:-

    Homemade Indian cream cheese with tomato, paprika and onion in a tandoori masala sauce.


  • 27. Chicken Shahi Korma 144:-

    Creamy chicken curry with grinded pistachio- and cashew nuts.

  • 28. Chicken Tikka Masala 149:-

    Marinated, grilled fillet of chicken cooked in a creamy sauce accented with cumin and dried mint.

  • 29. Butter Chicken 149:-

    Tandoori marinated grilled chicken in a creamy sauce with Indian butter, raisins and cashew- and pistachio nuts.

  • 30. Hyderabadi Murgh 149:-

    Chicken roasted in a mixture of fresh coriander, mint leaves, green chilli and coconut milk.

  • 31. Murgh Methi Malai 144:-

    Fillet of chicken with fenugreek leaves, onion, ginger, grinded cashew nuts and cardamom in a creamy tomato sauce.

  • 32. Palak Chicken 144:-

    Fillet of chicken with spinach, paprika, green chilli, ginger and garlic.

  • 33. Chicken Kadhai 144:-

    Fillet of chicken marinated in ginger, garlic and yoghurt in a tomato sauce with paprika and mushrooms.

  • 34. Murgh Madrasi 144:-

    Fillet of chicken in a hot tamarind- and coconut sauce, flavoured with fresh curryleaves and coriander, garnished with coconut chips.

  • 35. Malvani Chicken 144:-

    Fillet of chicken in a sauce of coconut cream, red chilli and garam masala.

  • 36. Chicken Vindaloo 149:-

    Chicken dish from Goa braised in a fiery sauce of palm vinegar, cloves and piri-piri masala.


  • 38. Lamb Shahi Korma 155:-

    Creamy lamb curry with cardamom and grinded cashew nuts.

  • 39. Rogan Josh 155:-

    Traditional North Indian lamb dish with saffron, cardamom and yoghurt, garnished with almonds.

  • 40. Lamb Saag 159:-

    Lamb with spinach, paprika, tomatoes, red onion and green chilli.

  • 41. Lamb Punjabi Curry 167:-

    Fillet of lamb in a sauce of onion, tomato, ginger, coriander and green chilli.

  • 42. Goa Lamb Curry 172:-

    Lamb curry from Goa, flavored with curry leaves in a coconut masala sauce.

  • 43. Achari Mirch Gosht 172:-

    Lamb with red chilli, lime leaves, fresh ginger, garlic, pickles, mint and coconut milk.

  • 44. Lamb Vindaloo 172:-

    Lamb dish from Goa braised in a fiery sauce of palm vinegar, cloves and piri-piri masala.

From the Sea

  • 45. Jhinga Lahsuni Nimbu 179:-

    Prawns braised in garlic, gently poached in a creamy masala with a taste of lime.

  • 46. Jhinga Shahi Korma 179:-

    Mild and creamy tiger prawn curry with cashew nuts and cardamom.

  • 47. Jhinga Goan Curry 182:-

    Delicious stew with tiger prawns coconut milk with garlic, black mustard seeds, coriander, tamarind and curry leaves.

  • 48. Jhinga Laziz 182:-

    Tiger prawns braised with onion, garlic, tomato, ginger, fresh coriander and chilli.

  • 49. Machili Bengali 149:-

    Fillet of salmon with green chili and tamarind, cooked in coconut milk, flavoured with fresh coriander

Tandoor & Grill

  • 50. Chicken Tandoori 139:-

    Grilled marinated chicken with bones. With lime, yoghurt and tandoori masala. Served with tandoori sauce and two kinds of chutney.

  • 51. Tandoori Chicken Tikka 144:-

    Chicken fillet marinated in lime, yoghurt and tandoori masala. Served with tandoori sauce and two kinds of chutney.

  • 52. Garlic Chicken Tikka 144:-

    Grilled fillet of chicken marinated in garlic, ginger, chilli and lime. Served with tandoori and two kinds of chutney.

  • 53. Tandoori Mixed Grill 192:-

    TMarinated lamb, Indian cream cheese, chicken marinated in garlic and herbs, chicken marinated in tandoori. Served with tandoori sauce and two kinds of chutney.

  • 54. Seekh Kebab 149:-

    Lamb kebab with ginger, garlic, garam masala, tomato and fresh coriander. Served with mild tandoori sauce.

  • 55. Lamb Boti Tikka 182:-

    Lamb marinated in cashew nuts and chilli with madras sauce. Garnished with mint. Served with two kinds of chutney.

  • 56. Paneer Tikka Lazawab 162:-

    Marinated, grilled homemade Indian cheese with paprika and tomato. Served with two kinds of chutney.

  • 57. Tandoori Jhinga 182:-

    Grilled prawns marinated in ginger, garlic, yoghurt and lime leaves. Served with fried vegetables, cumin potatoes and two kind of chutney.

  • 58. Adrakhi Lamb Racks 199:-

    Grilled lamb racks marinated in lime, ginger, garlic, yoghurt, Philadelphia cheese, chilli flakes and garam masala. Served with two kinds of chutney.


  • 59. Chicken Biryani 187:-

    Long cocked rice dish with chicken and Indian spices. Served with raita.

  • 60. Lamb Biryani 197:-

    Long cocked rice dish with lamb and Indian spices. Served with raita

Chef Recommends

  • 60. Madras Hot Pot 199:-

    Lamb, chicken and tiger prawns in a hot madras sauce and basmati rice.

Flaska Glas


  • 61. Anjeer Kulfi 79:-

    Indian homemade ice cream flavored with nuts, cardamom, saffron and figs. Served with mango sauce.

  • 62. Gajrella 69:-

    Carrotdessert flavored with nuts and cardamom. Served with vanilla ice cream.

  • 63. Vanilla Ice Cream 55:-

    Vanilla ice cream served with mango, chocolate or caramel sauce.

  • 64. Gulab Jamun 69:-

    Indian milk cake with ice cream. Garnished with nuts.

  • 65. Sorbet 55:-

    Choose between mango, passion or lemon.

Flaska Glas


  • 6. Raita 25:-

    Yoghurt with tomato, cucumber and roasted spices.

  • 7. Kachumber 29:-

    Spicy sallad with onion, tomato and cucumber.

  • 8A. Chutney 12:-

    Mango Chutney

  • 8B. Mint sauce 12:-

    Mint sauce

  • 8C. Pickles 12:-


  • 9. Habanero Mango Chutney 15:-

    Very hot reduction of fresh habanero, chilli and mango.

  • 10. Plain Nan 25:-

    Nan bread natural

  • 10. Gluten free Nan 35:-

    Gluten free Nan bread

  • 10A. Butter Nan 35:-

    Nan bread with butter and onion seeds

  • 11. Garlic & coriander Nan 35:-

    Nan bread with garlic and coriander.

  • 12. Cheese & coriander Nan 35:-

    Nan bread with cheese and coriander.

  • 13. Chilli Nan 35:-

    Nan bread with chilli.

  • 14. Aloo Kalucha 45:-

    Nan bread filled with potato, onion, coriander and chilli.

  • 15. Peshwari Nan 49:-

    Sweet nan bread filled with coconut and nuts.