The Story of Masala Kitchen

Masala Kitchen begins its story in the north of India in the 1980’s and continues with a thrilling journey to Sweden in the 1990’s…


In Indian culture, mealtime is family time. At the table the whole family gets together and shares food. It is a time to share happiness, share family memories, discuss the day’s events, make announcements and agree on family decisions. Masala’s story begins with this culture, in full strength, mid eighties, and a vision of a young man in north India named Sunil Kumar.

In those days Sunil had a passion for motorbikes, and an even stronger passion for home cooked Masala meals. In the 1990’s he decided to venture across the world to Sweden with the thrill of sharing his knowledge and flavours with the Swedish people…


Sweden welcomed him with open arms. There were also many vegetarians here but not so many restaurants offering vegetarian food. In India, vegetarian food is a compulsory part of the diet and there is a vast variety of dishes. Sunil was now driven by a mission to make Indian food everyone could enjoy.

Finally, his first first Indian restaurant, Masala Kitchen opened its doors in 2005 at Nobelplatsen. The enthusiasm for these kinds of Indian dishes was overwhelming. And in another 5 years, the second Masala Kitchen was set to open in Gothenburg. 


Today there are 7 Masala Kitchens in Gothenburg and suburbs with over 150 employees serving over 50 000 dishes a month. Masala also has a catering service with food truck and even a tuktuk, to help further the reach of great meals for everyone. If the customers can’t get out, the food comes to them via Masala’s small fleet of cars dedicated to delivering meals to those who prefer to eat in. 

And there’s an ambition for the 2020s too… Masala Kitchen’s European map now has a flag firmly planted in the south of Spain. The first Masala Street Kitchen restaurant abroad is now open beside a warm sunny beach. So now you can enjoy your favourite Masala dishes on holiday too! And the most recent Masala Kitchen to open in Europe can be found on the beautiful Polish coast, near Gdansk! 

Berzeliigatan 7, 412 53 Gbg, 031-20 25 30

Ånäsvägen 2, 416 67 Gbg, 031-19 09 20

Holländareplatsen 4, 415 14 Gbg, 031-61 04 54

Göteborgsvägen 9, 431 30 Mölndal, 031-27 27 26

Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 102, 417 16 Gbg, 031-84 74 30