By the name Masala Kitchen, we operate four Indian restaurants.

We are located at four places in Gothenburg: Redbergsplatsen, Berzeliigatan, Lindholmen and Mölndal. We serve delicious Indian food; lunch, takeaway and À la carte.

Our aim is to convey the multifaceted India’s scents, flavors and colors through food cooked from scratch with high quality ingredients.
Our chefs draw inspiration from the Himalayas in the north to the warm, beach-front areas in the south. This means that we offer both mild, creamy dishes and hot south Indian curries.

In our restaurants, we serve lunch Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends we are open for Á la carte. At Masala Kitchen Lindholmen we only serve lunch, but the venue is open for evening bookings on order for such as parties, cooking classes and conferences. We also offer catering.

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Ny Masala Kitchen Express/Majorna
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Masala Kitchen Express
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  • Masala kitchen Express/Majorna
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